Corporate Barter

What does bartering consist of?

Bartering is a tool that allows advertising campaigns to be paid for with products or services, helping the brand to sell more and reduce its costs.

The system supports a company in all its areas: marketing, commercial and financial.


The Bartering benefits all departments


Marketing and Communication


How do we manage your product?

"If I had to define Compensa, I would immediately think of innovation and perseverance."

P. O., Commercial Director of Bodegas Domecq

"For OPEL it has a double benefit: The price of advertising campaigns is more economical and it allows us to sell cars we have in stock."

J. M., Marketing Director of OPEL

"Having the possibility of reducing costs via bartering emerges as a highly useful option."

R. C., Marketing Director of CINESA

"Bartering has allowed us to stage a campaign with greater coverage at a lower cost. It has allowed us to do more with less."

I. M., Marketing Director of Technomarine (City Time)

"Compensa is a loyal collaborator for Hearst. It understands our needs perfectly."

P. M., Advertising Director of Hearst Corporation




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